What Is Nationstar Mortgage?

Nationstar Mortgage is lender based in Dallas, Texas that offers direct loans to customers seeking conforming, Jumbo, USDA, VA, FHLMC, FHA and Fannie Mae mortgages. Customers can apply for new home loans, refinancing and military/VA loans online at the financial institution's official website.

Mortgage options available through Nationstar Mortgage included fixed-rate loans with payments that remain the same throughout the life of the loan. Adjustable-rate loan options provide lower initial payments, but they adjust over the remaining term as the interest rate rises. Jumbo loan options provide up to $2 million for larger homes, with fixed- and adjustable-rate loans available in this category. FHA, military/VA, FHA and USDA loans guaranteed by the federal government are also available from this financial institution.

Those with a loan through Nationstar Mortgage can make payments online through Western Union Web Payment at no charge prior to the due date or within nine days of the due date. Payments more than nine days of the due date are charged an extra $9.95. Customers may also use the Western Union Pay By Phone option for a $14 fee by calling 1-888-480-2432, and auto-pay direct debit can also be set up with the financial institution. Mail payments and other options are also available.