What Does the National Wildlife Federation Sell in Its Catalog?

The National Wildlife Federation website sells a variety of merchandise to support its mission, including cards, clothing, bird houses and home decor items, as well as offering subscriptions to Ranger Rick, a nature magazine for children. In addition, shoppers can support its work by adopting animals with a donation.

The catalog's Backyard Wildlife Habitat section offers a selection of bird feeders, bird houses, and garden ornaments specially designed to make any outdoor space more attractive to various species of bird. For example, there are bird houses available for birds as varied as the nuthatch or wren up to screech owls and barred owls. There are also bird feeders designed to keep squirrels and other wildlife out of the bird food. In addition to supporting birds, they also sell houses for other species: bees, butterflies and even bats.

The National Wildlife Federation was founded in 1936 and has worked to protect wildlife through conservation efforts across the United States. It describes itself as "a voice for wildlife" and is involved in a wide variety of efforts, addressing not just wildlife concerns but also the cleanliness and safety of public land, water, and air. As of 2015, more than six million people are members or supporters of the National Wildlife Federation.