What Are Some National Companies That Outsource?


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National companies that outsource include Discover, Direct TV, Eli Lilly, Clorox and Bank of America as of 2015, according to CNN. Outsourcing has cost more than three million American jobs since 2011, says U.S. News & World Report.

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American companies that outsource workers represent a wide variety of financial, manufacturing and service industries, including AT&T, Best Buy, Black & Decker, Capital One and Frito Lay. Because these companies outsourced workers, the remaining oversupplied workforce put downward pressure on wages, according to U.S. News & World Report. Most of the lost jobs came from the manufacturing industry, and most of the job losses in the manufacturing industry since 2001 resulted from outsourcing. Opponents of outsourcing say that the loss of manufacturing jobs hurt the middle class, increased the trade deficit and ultimately hurt the entire economy, says U.S. News & World Report.

Defenders of outsourcing say that many Americans take advantage of outsourcing by working abroad, according to Forbes. Proponents of outsourcing say that companies that have outsourced, such as Caterpillar, grew at a faster rate and ultimately employed more people than their non-outsourcing counterparts. Defenders of outsourcing also say that many American companies sell in foreign markets and that it is only practical business to employ workers in the countries where the company sells its goods. Local workers speak the local language and work in the communities where they live, making them practical hires for companies that do business internationally.

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