What Does the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Do?

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy helps the state boards of pharmacy protect the public health by providing professional impartiality. The board offers services such as pharmacist license transfer, pharmacist competence assessment programs and accreditation programs such as VIPPS, Vet-VIPPS, VAWD, and DMEPOS.

The NABP's member boards are separated into eight boards that include the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and Australia as well as the Virgin Islands, New Zealand, the Bahamas and Washington D.C.

The association provides examination services by administering tests such as the Pre-NAPLEX exams and NAPLEX exams, the MPJE exam, the Pre-FPGEE and FPGEE exams, and the FPGEC exam. The association also offers the CPE Monitor Service, which allows pharmacists and technicians to track their CPE online.

The leadership of the NABP comes from Executive Committee, and the association elects these officials at its Association Annual Meeting. The NABP additionally governs based on its constitution and bylaws, which receive an annual review.

Member services provided by NABP include the National Practitioner Data Bank, NABP Clearinghouse database, the PPAD database, the Multistate Pharmacy Inspection Blueprint and NABPLAW, where members have the ability to access pharmacy laws and regulations.

The NABP's website, NABP.net, features information for members, pharmacists and pharmacy students as well as technicians and consumers.