What Are Some of NASCAR's Marketing Strengths?

NASCAR created one of the largest and most successful marketing campaigns in the field of sports by capitalizing on large audiences and even larger venues. Furthermore, NASCAR has made everything under its control a potential marketing opportunity, from the jackets the drivers wear to the names of the races.

The most significant element of the NASCAR marketing campaign has been the sheer volume of advertising made available to sponsors. Everything that goes into a race is marketable, and NASCAR almost never leaves a dollar on the table. The name of each race, the racing teams and the cars all carry advertising. The television and radio coverage of the race before, during and after each event come with a sponsorship label that earns the association money.

This overwhelming level of sponsorship and marketing would not be possible if NASCAR did not have the fan base to back it up. This is another way that NASCAR uses volume to its advantage, as 17 of the 20 most-viewed sporting events throughout the average year are NASCAR events, as of 2015. This level of consumer attention is something that most sports only get once or twice a year during their most exciting events, but NASCAR achieves it for nearly every race, making it one of the most desirable advertising partnerships in sports.