What Are Some Nanda Nursing Diagnoses?


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Some examples of nursing diagnoses from the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, also known as NANDA, include anxiety, disturbed sleep pattern and risk for infection, according to ecancermedicalscience. These are based on the results of a study on the most common nursing diagnoses for patients hospitalized for cancer.

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NANDA is a nationally recognized organization that is responsible for developing and disseminating standardized nursing diagnoses that are evidence-based. This enables nurses around the country to use the same nursing diagnoses in practice to make clinical judgments and implement the appropriate interventions, explains NANDA.

The NANDA nursing diagnosis of anxiety is based on assessment for the signs and symptoms of anxiety, which include verbalization of anxious feelings, insomnia, restlessness, tachycardia, high blood pressure and tenseness, according to Elsevier Health.

Disturbed sleep pattern common nursing diagnoses that is characterized by patients statements that falling asleep is difficult, having interrupted sleep, dark circles under the eyes and not feeling well rested, explains Elsevier Health.

Risk for infection is another essential nursing diagnosis from NANDA. For many patients, their risk for infection in the hospital is increased because of reduced immune system function, malnutrition and invasive procedures, reports New Health Adviser. Standard nursing interventions to reduce the risk of infection are hand hygiene practices, aseptic techniques, assessment of skin integrity and monitoring vital signs frequently.

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