What Are the Names of Specific Types of Doctors?


Much like other professions, members of the medical profession specialize in specific fields. While some medical doctors maintain a general practice, others focus their careers on treating certain areas of the human body or specialize in the treatment of specific illnesses and diseases. This article identifies the names of specific types of doctors, which include cardiologists, urologists, gastrologists and oncologists.

To begin, there are different types of general medical experts. General physicians and family practitioners offer treatment for a variety of mild conditions. Internal medical doctors, on the other hand, limit their practice to the treatment or prevention of adult diseases. Examples of other age-specific doctors include pediatricians and geriatricians. Pediatricians specialize in the treatment of medical conditions for infants, adolescents and children. Geriatricians focus their practice on health complications of the elderly.

Another way in which doctors specialize is through treating specific areas of the body. Cardiologists, for example, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. Urologists treat, diagnose and study health issues related to the urinary tract, kidneys and urinary system. Gastrologists focus on medical conditions related to the stomach, and gynecologists are doctors who focus on the reproductive system of females. Doctors who focus on problems associated with the brain and nervous system are called neurologists, and doctors who treat problems with the ears,

nose and throat are otolaryngologists or ENT specialists.

The final way in which doctors specialize is through the type of diseases they treat. For example, doctors who treat cancer are known as oncologists.