What Are the Names of Some Reputable Banks in Nigeria?

What Are the Names of Some Reputable Banks in Nigeria?

First Bank of Nigeria, Zenith Bank Nigeria, United Bank for Africa, Access Bank Nigeria and Keystone Bank are the names of some reputable banks in Nigeria as of 2015. The country has a huge population, and these banks have acquired wealth while carrying out their functions.

Established early in the 20th Century, First Bank of Nigeria is the biggest and richest in the country. It is a multinational bank with a presence in France, South Africa and China, among others.

Zenith Bank Nigeria began its operations in 1990 but went public in 2004. It has won awards in banking and finance and is the second-richest bank in Nigeria.

United Bank for Africa is another reputable bank in Nigeria. The bank has more than 7 million customers and has branches in other parts of Africa, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Access Bank Nigeria started its operations in the country in 1989 after receiving a license from the Central Bank. It listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1998. The bank has more than 5 million customers and recently acquired two major commercial banks. In Nigeria, the bank has 309 branches.

Established in 2011, the aim of Keystone Bank was to take over the management of the now defunct Bank PHB. However, Bank PHB lost its license the same day that Keystone Bank came into existence. As a result, Keystone Bank had to press on, and today it has more than 200 business offices in Nigeria.