What Are the Names of Some Money Gifting Programs?

What Are the Names of Some Money Gifting Programs?

Some money gifting programs include Cash Tracking System, Success Partners Network Today and The People's Program. These three programs are among the top programs in money gifting as of 2015, notes LinkedIn's SlideShare.net.

Cash Tracking System began in 2009. It allows members to participate at a $500, $1,500 or $3,500 level. CTS charges a monthly fee for its website marketing system. Once an individual passes his first sale up to the inviter, he is eligible to earn commissions and can earn these commissions at the level at which he joined.

Success Partners Network Today, or SPN Today, is similar to CTS. The participation amounts are $500, $1,000 and $2,000 as of November 2015, notes SlideShare.net. The level chosen at the sign-on time is the commission level until the person passes her first sale. For example, if someone joins at the $500 level, she can only receive a commission of up to $500 until passing the first sale and upgrading.

The People's Program, also called TPP, allows members to begin for as little as $150 and go all the way to $10,000. Like the others, it uses the one-up compensation model. Individuals who only join at low amounts should not expect to earn large commissions until they upgrade.

A money gifting program allows an individual to give a recipient up to $12,000 a year without any tax penalties as of November 2015. However, anyone running a money gifting program as a business is responsible for paying income taxes on the funds, notes SlideShare.net.