What Are the Names of Some Ice Cream Distributors?

What Are the Names of Some Ice Cream Distributors?

Arya Ice Cream, Deelite Distribution and Berliner Specialty Distributors are some ice cream distributors. Dixie Belle Ice Cream and Zecca Ice Cream Distributors also distribute ice cream.

Arya Ice Cream has placed thousands of freezers and serviced hundreds of grocery stores. It serves all of Southern California as well as Oregon, Seattle, Chicago and Detroit. In addition, Arya Ice Cream operates its own distribution warehouse, which can hold more than 200 tractor trailer loads. The organization's sales staff can help customers select the products that sell the most in their geographical areas.

Deelite Distribution is based in Fullerton, California. Its customer base consists of gas stations, convenience stores and schools. As of 2015, Deelite Distribution is open seven days a week.

Berliner Specialty Distributors started operating in 1973. It is one of the distributors of Popsicle, Good Humor and Klondike. The organization is based in Hyattsville, Maryland. Berliner Specialty Distributors own a nearly 40,000-square-foot warehouse space. The company can also accommodate customers who are planning a special event.

Dixie Belle Ice Cream distributes various brands including Magnum, Fruttare and Klondike. The company is the only authorized distributor of Good Humor Ice Cream in North and South Carolina. It serves customers in various sectors, including education, health care and hospitality.

Zecca Ice Cream Distributors serves customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. In addition to ice cream, the company distributes a variety of other frozen novelty products.