What Are the Names of Some Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers?


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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers located in the United States include the Westchester Medical Center Hyperbaric Center, Beverly Hills Hyperbaric and Oxygen Rescue Care Centers of America. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are commonly used to treat scuba divers suffering from decompression sickness, but they are also approved for use in therapy treatments for several other medical conditions. Conditions such as burn injuries, crush injuries, diabetes wounds and soft tissue infections are sometimes treated using 100 percent pure oxygen.

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Most hyperbaric treatment centers administer oxygen therapy to patients for medical conditions approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and some dispense treatments for conditions not officially approved by the agency. Consumers should be wary of claims that hyperbaric oxygen chambers effectively treat common conditions such as asthma, depression, heart disease, brain injury and sport's injuries. While treatments are generally safe, there is no scientific proof that oxygen therapy helps alleviate conditions not on the FDA approval list.

Hyperbaric treatment centers typically use chambers to deliver pure oxygen to patients, but some treatments require the use of gas masks or plastic bags containing pressurized oxygen. Patients usually undergo a course of treatments, and the number depends on the health condition or injury. Oxygen treatment sessions typically last around 90 minutes and pressure-related trauma to the ears or nose is a common side effect.

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