What are the names of some different world currencies?


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Some world currencies include the Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Pakistani rupee, Swiss franc and Algerian dinar. The Canadian dollar, United States dollar and Thai bhat are also world currencies. Nineteen of the 28 states of the European Union share a common currency: the euro. The currency of the United Kingdom is formally called the pound sterling, but is commonly shortened to "pound."

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The United States dollar, the euro and the United Kingdom pound are the most frequently used currencies in the world. When the United States dollar is strong, currencies in emerging markets tend to decline in value.

Many countries use the same common name for their currencies, even though the currencies are distinct in value and appearance. Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and Belize all use the name "dollar" for their currencies, as do Taiwan, Fiji and Brunei. Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and the Philippines use the name "peso" for their currencies.

Each country uses a different three-letter currency code to distinguish it from other currencies. The currency code for the United States dollar is USD, while that of the euro is EUR. Most currencies also have an affiliated symbol, such as the dollar sign for U.S. dollars.

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