What Are the Names of Some Banks Located in Orlando, Florida?

Many of the major national banks have a presence in Orlando, such as Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Fifth Third. There are also many credit unions such as Navy Federal Credit Union, Fairwinds Credit Union and McCoy Federal Credit Union.

Most of the major national banks have multiple locations in Orlando. For example, Wells Fargo has 21 locations in the city as of 2015, and Bank of America has 45 locations. Other major chains that have a presence in Orlando include PNC Bank, TD Bank and SunTrust.

Old Florida National Bank is a local banking alternative to the chain banks, though it is owned by Iberiabank, who also own Florida Bank and Georgia Commerce. Seaside National Bank & Trust is another local option. Those looking for a locally focused bank might consider a credit union instead. In addition to the options already listed, some local credit unions include CFE Federal Credit Union, Orlando Federal Credit Union, Central Florida Postal Credit Union, Insight Credit Union and Partners Federal Credit Union.

Some banks that specialize in small business services in the city include Citizens Bank of Florida, Commerce National Bank & Trust, Fidelity Bank of Florida, First Green Bank and Florida Bank of Commerce.