What Was the Name of the Company That Built the Titanic?


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The company responsible for constructing the Titanic is Harland and Wolff. Harland and Wolff is a company native to the United Kingdom that dates its foundation back to the 1860s. Harland and Wolff, a heavy industrial construction company, served as a leader of the shipping industry in Belfast, Ireland, producing thousands of ships in addition to the Titanic, say experts at the National Museums of Northern Ireland.

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Harland and Wolff began as a small company focusing on maritime construction and shipbuilding. Despite forming in the 1860s, the company did not produce its greatest products, including the Titanic, until the early 1900s. At one point, the company employed approximately 35,000 people in the Belfast area. At the turn of the 20th century, with a large workforce, the company oversaw production of the Titanic, along with the RMS Britannic, RMS Olympic and a host of warships for the British navy.

Construction of the Titanic began in 1909 and ended in early 1911. The ship took the title of largest and most luxurious passenger vessel in the world. Thousands of onlookers watched the Titanic depart from its home in Ireland to the United States, equipped with several thousand passengers, nearly 1,000 crew members and 16 lifeboats, but the luxury liner never reached its destination.

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