How Do You Name a Company?

The first aspect to consider while naming a company is the promise the name delivers to customers. This promise should include the company's imagery, its emotional appeal and what it stands for. Business names should be short and sweet rather than descriptive.

Brainstorming with colleagues, friends and family members can provide owners with numerous ideas for naming the business. Consider off-beat names as well during the naming process.

Speaking to customers can also provide ideas. Additionally, understanding your customer's demographics and thinking process can provide valuable insights for selecting a well-thought name. After picking a few names, check them against the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database to avoid copyright and patent infringements. Avoid misspelled words, as they can make it difficult for customers to recall your brand or website link.

After brainstorming and considering various aspects of the company, select the ones that seem suitable for your business. Instead of rushing to use one name, test your chosen name by printing it on corporate stationery. See how it looks, then return to the naming process after a couple of days. Develop a thick skin regarding the company's name choice as all stakeholders may not like the name you've chosen.