How Do You Name Your Business?

How Do You Name Your Business?

Choosing a name is very important for a business, as it must represent the company, be easy to remember and bring an image to mind, according to Forbes magazine. The steps required include checking for trademarks, creating an online presence and registering the business name.

  1. Check for trademarks
  2. Before picking a name for a business, check to see if there is another company using the name, recommends the U.S. Small Business Administration. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's trademark has a search tool to look for any trademarked names. It can be helpful to contact the state filing office to check if the business name is already claimed, as well.

  3. Create an online presence
  4. Check if a domain name is available for use and claim it for the business. Claim the business name on social media websites and create a custom URL for the webpage.

  5. Register the business name
  6. Registering the business name with a trade name, also known "Doing Business As (DBA)" name, lets the state government know someone is doing business under a name that is different from his own name. If the business owner is doing work under his name, then this step can be skipped.

  7. Acquire trademark protection
  8. Apply for a trademark for the business name. The trademark will protect any names, words, logos and symbols that differentiate the goods and services the business provides.