How Do You Take Nail Technician Classes Online?

To take nail technician classes online, enroll in a program that offers a home study portion of the certification process. Choose a program approved by your state cosmetology board and accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, such as the programs at San Diego State University, Michigan State University and the University of Arizona. Acquire any equipment needed for the successful completion of the home study courses, including a computer, necessary hardware and course materials.

The types of courses typically offered as home study courses include physiology and history of nails, nail care, hair and skin disorders, theory of cosmetology and salon management. Many licensed nail technicians utilize online courses for continuing education credit toward license renewal. Choosing the appropriate school ensures that you receive or renew a license to perform services.

As of 2105, many of these programs use coursework from CDs and DVDs, or instructional videos hosted by the school's website. Some use virtual classrooms with live lectures and team discussions. Exams for courses are performed online using a student profile or email system. Textbooks and course materials are also provided digitally. Many courses require an updated web browser, the latest Flash player, a printer, CD/DVD drive and a high-speed Internet connection.