How Do You Nail a Job Interview?


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The first step to nailing a job interview is to find out as much as you can about the company and the position you are applying for. Prepare for the question-and-answer interview, carry a few essentials and be professional.

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  1. Do your research

    Find out as much as you can about the organization and the position for which you are interviewing. Find out exactly what the company is looking for in a new employee. Make notes based on the duties and qualifications described to help you through the interview.

  2. Prepare for the question-and-answer interview

    Get ready for questions that are designed to get you know you better. Make notes on your personality traits, your long-term career plans and why you are interested in the organization. Indicate your strengths, weaknesses and the reason for leaving your last job. Refer to your notes during the question and answer part of the interview.

  3. Go prepared

    Pack a light bag to take to the interview. Carry copies of your work samples and resume. Include tissues, breath mints, detailed directions and your notes.

  4. Carry yourself professionally

    Ensure that you arrive a few minutes early for the interview. Be friendly and make eye contact with everyone, including the receptionist and security guard. Stand up straight and give firm handshakes. Ask for clarification if you do not understand a question.

  5. Follow up

    Send an email or personal note a day or two after the interview. Thank everyone you interviewed with, and include a brief message on why you are a great candidate.

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