What Are Some Mystery Shopping Jobs That Are Available?

What Are Some Mystery Shopping Jobs That Are Available?

Perception Strategies, Telexpertise and InteliChek offer mystery shopping work over the telephone. A mystery shopper is usually an independent contractor paid per shop completed. Most companies start a beginning shopper with a limited amount of tasks every week and may allow additional tasks as the shopper completes work assignments satisfactorily.

Perception Strategies provides health care related mystery shopping. Once assigned a shopping assignment, a week is granted to complete the call. The assignment can be completed at anytime during that week during the health care provider's hours of operation.

An independent contractor working for Telexpertise is assigned to call businesses within the United States and ask questions. After a period of evaluation, increasing numbers of assignments may become available to workers meeting quality and performance requirements set by the company.

InteliChek contractors call businesses around the country and shop for information. The standard calls take three to four minutes each. The only limit to the number of tasks a contractor can complete is work availability. InteliChek requests that a contractor commit to working a minimum of 20 hours each week, however, he can set his own schedule with the company.

As an independent contractor, a mystery shopper does not have any taxes deducted from his pay. All tax obligations are the sole responsibility of the contractor. Tracking income and saving for taxes can provide a benefit when it is time to file.