What Is the MyGiftCardSite for Mastercard?


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The MyGiftCardSite for MasterCard is the site that allows users to register and activate their MasterCard gift cards online. Similarly, the website allows users to view the current balance of their prepaid gift card.

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Like many credit card companies, MasterCard also sells prepaid gift cards with a set amount of money on them, which can be used anywhere MasterCard credit cards are accepted. These cards will not work until they have been registered and activated. Card holders are instructed to visit the MyGiftCardSite to create a membership and activate their card.

Once users go to the MyGiftCardSite website, they are instructed to enter the number that appears on the front of the gift card, the card's security code and a randomly generated code that appears on the site to ensure that the user is not a bot. Once they do this, the gift card that they entered is registered as being in use, and is activated. Users can then use the card as they would any MasterCard debit or credit card, until they have used all of the prepaid money on the card. MyGiftCardSite also allows users to continuously view the balance of their gift card, which helps them decide what they can afford to purchase.

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