How Is Music Used in Advertising?

How Is Music Used in Advertising?

Some ways music is used in advertising include playing a song that a target group likes, which may increase their attention; building up tension through crescendo; and using music that contradicts the video to arouse curiosity. In advertising, music is often used by placing unusual, emotive or funny ideas with songs to capture a person's senses, to bring back old memories or to make a person smile.

At times, retro songs are used to create a sense of familiarity with a brand. This can create a subconscious sense of trust associated with the products. Other times, music is used to create a sense of attachment to a product. For example, picking music that creates a sense of relaxation and calm elicits those emotions that are then associated with the brand.

Music may also be used to be both memorable and informative. Companies may choose a song that reinforces the information they are trying to convey in their advertisement. Additionally, a commercial that uses a jingle with a catchy melody increases consumers' ability to memorize it.

Music is also an effective means of adding structure and continuity to a commercial. The music can guide a viewer through visual transitions that are occurring in a commercial by playing as a consistent, underlying score.

Using music in these manners is meant to keep the advertisement in consumers' minds for an extended period of time after viewing it.