What Is Mud Jacking?


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Mud jacking, also known as slab jacking, is a process used to fill empty areas under concrete slabs to raise the surface and prevent or repair cracking and breaking that may occur over time due to natural erosion. The process involves pumping a proprietary grout blend under the concrete material to lift the slab back into place before repairing the cracks or holes in the concrete. It can be far less expensive than replacing the concrete directly.

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The grout used in mud jacking is often a proprietary formula developed by each mud jacking company. This formula gives the grout the strength it needs to lift heavy slabs under pressure while maintaining the fluid nature required to pump the grout through holes drilled in or around the concrete for access. The pressurized grout flows into voids, or holes left behind by natural forces, and fills them completely.

Mud jacking works for a variety of applications, including securing sidewalks, pool decks and porches. It works equally well with large or small slabs of concrete and can even lift large interstate support structures or housing foundations back into place for repairs. Mud jacking does not work on asphalt surfaces, which crack under the pressure used to fill the voids with grout.

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