How Much Does Workers' Compensation Pay for a Carpal Tunnel Settlement in Kansas?

Workers' compensation settlement amounts for Kansas workers injured by carpal tunnel are unavailable due to a Kansas law prohibiting attorneys from sharing this information publicly, as stated by John R. Stanley. Generally, award amounts for carpal tunnel injuries are several thousand dollars, and amounts vary by case.

Under Kansas workers' compensation law, workers are entitled to receive reasonable medical treatment after experiencing a workplace injury, but workers must be treated for the injury by doctors authorized by the employer, as noted by Burgess and Green. Workers who are treated by their own doctor automatically reduce the employer's liability for medical expenses to a total of $500. Therefore, injured workers can receive higher compensation awards by sticking with an employer's preferred physician. In Kansas, workers must be off of work for one week before receiving monetary compensation from an insurer or employer. Compensation amounts range from two-thirds of the worker's gross weekly salary to the maximum amount of benefits allowed for an injury category.

Workers' compensation benefits can be paid to Kansas workers for a temporary, or permanent partial, loss of function caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, as stated by Burgess and Green. Temporary benefits last for the amount of the time the injury prevents the employee from working. Permanent partial benefits are paid for a specific number of weeks.