How Much Do Window Washers Make?

In 2014, the median wage of window washers, who are formally called window cleaners, was about $13 per hour, according to PayScale. On the lowest end of the wage scale, window cleaners earned approximately $9.50 and on the highest end, they earned approximately $22. On an annualized basis, window cleaners earned a median salary of about $30,500, with the lowest earners taking home a salary of about $20,200 and the highest earners taking home nearly $51,850.

In 2014, overtime work significantly increased the hourly wage of window cleaners. With this added work, the lowest earners made an average of nearly $15 per hour, while the highest earners made almost double that, with an average of over $27.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics includes window cleaners in a general category for janitors and building cleaners. In 2012, the median hourly wage of building cleaners was about $11, according to a breakdown by occupation from the agency. The agency doesn't provide more details on just the building cleaners, but it does provide more information regarding the category of janitors and building cleaners as a whole. The agency reports that workers who made up the lowest 10 percent earned about $8 per hour, while workers who made up the highest 10 percent earned about $18 per hour.