How Much Does a U-Verse Installer Make?

As of 2015, AT&T U-Verse installers make an average of $19 per hour or a yearly total of a little more than $38,000. U-Verse installers, also called Premises Technicians, may receive cash bonuses or share in commissions.

Installers with less than one year experience average $18 per hour, while those with four to six years’ experience average $21 per hour. The hourly wage for U-Verse installers also varies by location. Chicago technicians average $17 per hour, while those in San Francisco make $22 per hour on average.

AT&T hosts events around the country where those interested in technician positions can apply and take a pre-employment test if necessary. Some of technician positions require a pre-employment test to assess the applicant's skills, knowledge and ability to meet the job criteria. The tests may be multiple choice or involve role-playing scenarios.