How Much Does a Two-Year Program at ITT Tech Cost?

How Much Does a Two-Year Program at ITT Tech Cost?

The total tuition costs for a two-year Associate's degree at ITT Technical Institute as of 2015 range from approximately $38,000 to $58,000. The tuition fees vary based on the type of program being studied and where the program is being studied.

ITT Tech offers students the choice of either classroom or online education. The online education is generally a bit cheaper, as these programs cost somewhere between $39,000 and $41,000, as of 2015. ITT Tech's nursing programs are its most expensive Associate's degrees and range in price from approximately $51,000 to $58,000.

In addition to tuition, ITT Tech charges $300 in fees, while some programs of study also have an additional fee for tools. The tool fee ranges between $100 and $675, depending on the program and whether it is studied in person or online.

ITT Tech is a private university system that focuses mostly on degrees in technology-related fields. The company operates more than 130 campuses in 38 different states. On average, the company provides education to approximately 50,000 students at any given time.

ITT offers six different schools of study, including the School of Information Technology, School of Criminal Justice, School of Drafting and Design and School of Electronics Technology. The other two schools are the School of Business and the Breckinridge School of Nursing and Health Sciences.