How Much Training Is Needed to Become a Pole Dancer?


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There is no official amount of training required to pole dance competitively or professionally, although some studios require certification as a fitness instructor from anyone applying to teach the art. Pole dancing can be challenging, so some students may require extensive professional training, while others may have a natural physical inclination or are easily self-taught.

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Many pole dancers learn by watching instructional videos, reading books on the practice, or being taught by experienced friends. Those seeking to dance in a strip club often learn by carefully observing the better dancers who work there or by working there themselves.

There are no set requirements for a pole dancer who wishes to work at a strip club, since the owner and patrons typically are not concerned with the details of how she learned the art. Likewise, most pole dancing competitions do not require any official qualifications as long as the dancer is skilled. Many entertainers who dance competitively first began practicing in nightclubs or strip clubs.

Beginners must not assume that pole dancing is easily learned or taught, as it is a physically exhausting combination of aerobics, dancing, art and eroticism. Therefore, those interested in learning the art must be flexible, fit and in good health.

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