How Much Does a Target Manager Make?

much-target-manager-make Credit: Mike Mozart/CC-BY-2.0

According to an article published on the AOL Jobs website in 2011, Target retail store managers make $65,960 per year. Target assistant managers earned $48,003 per year and Target retail store department managers earned an annual salary of $48,457.

The article “Target Vs. Walmart – Which One Is a Better Place to Work?” focuses on the difference in salaries between Target and Walmart employees. Target managers earned more in all categories, with Walmart store managers earning $60,360 per year, Walmart assistant mangers earning $42,134 per year and Walmart retail store department managers earning $29,111 per year.

The article draws on information from a survey performed by PayScale. PayScale lists the average annual salary for a retail store manager as $40,684, but retail managers with good budget management and leadership skills may earn higher pay. After 20 years in this field, most retail managers move on to other positions.