How Much Does Swift Transportation Pay?

How Much Does Swift Transportation Pay?

As of 2015, the median salary for Swift Transportation employees is $41,000, according to a PayScale survey. Swift Transportation pays different salary and hourly wages depending on the employee's role in the company, years of experience and specific skills.

As of October 2015, Swift Transportation employees in upper management report salaries between $59,980 and $140,401. The lowest-paid employees are truck drivers who report earnings as low as $20,713.

The reported median income of entry-level employees with less than one year of experience is $39,600. Those with five to nine years of experience earn about $60,000 per year.

Workers with skills related to operations management have a median income of $66,000, while those who report having commercial skills earn a median income of $36,000.

Swift Transportation employees also report bonuses. Terminal managers say they earned a bonus of $6,250 and customer service managers said they earned a bonus of $1,000.