How Much Was a Stamp in 1992?


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A standard U.S. postage stamp to mail a 1-ounce letter cost $0.29 in 1992, up from $0.25 in 1988. The price increased to $0.32 in 1995.

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The cost of a stamp remained relatively stable between the 1885 price of $0.02 and the 1968 price of $0.06. The longest stretch without an increase was 26 years, when the price went up from $.03 in 1932 to $.04 in 1958. The U.S. Postal Service introduced Forever Stamps in 2007 as a means to save on postage. Forever stamps are sold at the value of a current 1-ounce stamp, and they can be used at any time, even if prices increase.

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