How Much Do Spanish Teachers Make a Year?


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The annual national average for Spanish teachers is $42,000, as of 2015, according to Simply Hired. Many factors determine how much a language instructor is paid, including the area and the level of education of the teacher.

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Examples of the range of average salary as determined by location are the pay rates as categorized by state. In New York, the average yearly salary for a Spanish teacher at the postsecondary level is almost $83,000, as of 2015. In California it's nearly $88,000. In Texas it's $58,000, and in Virginia teachers get paid an average of $51,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Metropolitan areas have the highest paying salaries for language teachers. Santa Ana-Anaheim, California pays its teachers an average of $118,000. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and the surrounding area follow with mean salaries of $104,000 a year, and Spanish teachers in the San Francisco have an average wage of $101,000.

To become state certified to teach Spanish, teachers must have completed a Bachelor's of Science degree in education or language instruction and be fluent and literate in Spanish. Some states require that a foreign language instructor complete a masters degree in language, with pay rates to reflect the individual's education.

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