How Much Should You Tip for Delivery?

How Much Should You Tip for Delivery?

Although it depends on the company and type of delivery, it is customary to give a food delivery person a tip that is 10 percent of the total bill, excluding tax. If the bill is less than $10, the tip should be at least $1. If the delivery is difficult, perhaps due to bad weather or a dangerous neighborhood, then a tip of between 15 to 20 percent is standard.

It is good practice to give a minimum tip of $2 for each pizza delivered, or 15 percent for standard service. For exceptional service, this may be increased to 20 percent, and for poor service, this may be decreased to 10 percent.

In fact, 15 percent is a fairly standard amount to tip for most services of average quality, from waiters and bartenders to hairdressers and manicurists.

Delivery charges do not always go to the person making the delivery, so it is best to ask about this.

During the holidays, it is customary to tip other kinds of delivery persons. Typically the tip will be placed inside a card and handed over personally with a thank you. For the person who delivers the daily newspaper, $60 is sufficient, amounting to a little over a dollar for each week of the year. The regular mail carrier is not permitted to accept cash tips, so in this instance, a gift certificate (not exceeding $20) is appropriate.