How Much Should I Pay a Housekeeper Per Hour?

Generally, housekeepers are paid an hourly rate based on duties performed and average salary rates within a specific geographic location. As of 2014, the hourly wage for housekeepers is between $7.95 and $15.34. The average annual income for housekeepers is $19,570. In cities such as New York, Boston, Honolulu and San Francisco, housekeepers' annual salaries range from $30,000 to $35,000.

When hiring housekeepers, one should understand that the duties expected of housekeepers are different than those expected of house cleaners. House cleaning duties typically involve tasks that are strictly related to cleaning. A housekeeper's duties usually includes cleaning tasks, but can also include a wide range of other tasks. For instance, during the day a the housekeeper may wash dishes, mop floors and lightly clean one or more rooms. In addition, she may do the laundry, feed and walk the family pet, run small errands and prepare meals for an entire family.

Housekeepers work longer hours in one location than cleaning employees. A housekeeper may be employed part-time and work several hours in the home. Families often hire a housekeeper to live and work in the home on a full-time basis. An employer should provide all of the necessary supplies and equipment necessary for the housekeeper to do her job.