How Much Should I Charge to House-Sit?

The biggest factor that affects house-sitting rates is the amount of time needed for services. If house-sitting is required for only a few hours during the day, a reasonable rate, as of 2014, is between $25 and $30 per day. Overnight rates, however, can reach upwards of $50 per day.

The salary for a house sitter varies according to length of time, responsibilities included, presence of pets and location. For those looking for someone to house-sit, family members, close friends and neighbors are typically the first port of call due to a prior relationship and the level of trust. However, if the time required to house-sit is two weeks or more, hiring a professional is generally recommended.

A key factor that influences a house sitter's pay is the level of responsibilities involved. A house-sitting arrangement that includes tasks such as cleaning the house, caring for pets or watering the garden, for example, generally entails a higher pay rate per hour. The location of the house is a also an important factor that determines pay. If the house is situated in an urban area, a professional house sitter can demand at least $50 per day. For more rural locations, however, about $30 should be adequate.