How Much Do Secret Service Agents Make?

much-secret-service-agents-make Credit: Imgorthand/E+/Getty Images

A special agent in the secret service starts in a salary range of $43,964 to $74,891, according to 2010 figures at These salary levels correspond to the GL-7 to GL-9 pay grades for federal law enforcement officers. In addition to this salary, a special agent assigned to a local field office typically receives a further 25 percent Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) for working additional hours each day.

Federal law enforcement officers, including those in the secret service, are entitled to a number of benefit programs available to government employees. These programs include health benefits, group life insurance, long-term care insurance, federal retirement instruments, pension benefits, thrift savings plans and a federal flexible spending account. To receive this pay and benefit schedule, secret service agents may have to endure long hours, spend 30 days or more away from home, complete dangerous assignments and work in undesirable conditions during the course of their protective and investigative duties. According to Bloomberg, it is statistically more difficult to get accepted in the secret service than it is to get in to Harvard. In 2011, the secret service accepted one percent of its 15,600 applicants, while Harvard admitted 5.9 percent of its applicants. The mandatory retirement age for secret service agents is 57 years of age.