How Much Does Safeway Typically Pay Entry-Level Employees?


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As of 2015, entry-level Safeway employees reported a median hourly pay rate of $9.13, according to a PayScale survey. Safeway offers different salary and hourly wages depending on the employee's job title, years of experience and location.

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As of October 2015, Safeway employees report a median hourly income of $9.61 for those with one to four years of experience, while those with 20 or more years of experience report an hourly wage of $17.34.

Baggers report earning the least amount of money with hourly ranges between $6.80 and $8.92. The highest paid workers are pharmacists, who report earnings between $50.34 and $66.88 per hour.

Location also plays a role in Safeway's pay scales. Employees in Maryland earned a median income of $8.36 per hour, while those in Colorado report earning a median income of $16.30 per hour.

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