How Much Do Personal Trainers Get Paid?


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According to the National Federation of Professional Trainers, professional trainers average an annual income of just over $31,000; those with areas of specialization and certificates earn more. Salaries for personal trainers, like other occupations, vary depending on skills, qualifications and geographical location. Trainers holding advanced degrees and working in larger metropolitan areas generally earn more than less-skilled workers.

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Some trainers charge hourly rates, while others receive full salaries. Personal trainers typically begin careers working for health clubs and fitness centers. Some then pursue private practice. Full-time trainers working in fitness clubs earn approximately $31.00 per hour, while those finding employment independently charge around $34.00 per hour.

Trainers need at least a high school diploma for work, although many hold advanced two-year or four-year degrees. Holding a degree in exercise science, helps trainers earn up to 15 percent higher annual salaries than trainers without that degree, according to the NFPT.

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