How Much of My Paycheck Goes to Taxes?


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Determining the amount of taxes that are to be withheld from wages depends on the income bracket an individual falls into. Forbes provides a detailed list of each income bracket used to determine yearly tax deductions.

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For income that falls below $9,075 yearly, 10 percent of taxable income is deducted as of January 2015. For those who have made over $9,075 but less than $36,900, $907.50 plus 15 percent of taxable income is deducted. If income is between $36,900 and $89,350, the amount increases to $5,081.25 plus 25 percent of taxable income. From there, deductions increase by increments of 2 to 5 percent per income bracket until deductions max out at 39 percent for those who make over $406,750.

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