How Much Do You Have to Pay a Month for a $275,000 House?

The monthly payment on a $275,000 house depends on a number of factors. These variables are based on factors related to the house, the borrower and requirements imposed by the lenders, according to

A mortgage payment typically consists of the principal of the loan, interest, taxes and insurance. The amount a buyer puts down at closing affects the size of the loan. The interest rate can be variable or fixed over the life of the loan. Property taxes depend on the rate for the community. If the borrower doesn't have enough equity in the house, the lender usually wants to escrow the taxes. Homeowners' insurance rates vary by state and coverage. Lenders can also require private mortgage insurance from some borrowers. All of these factors affect the monthly payment for a mortgage. Several websites, such as Zillow, have online calculators to help estimate mortgage payments.