How Much Does a Painter Charge to Paint a Room?

The average labor costs for a painter range between $100 and $300 per hour, and according to This Old House, it takes a professional painter two to four days to paint an average-sized bedroom. If a painter works for three eight-hour days and charges $200 per hour, the final cost is $4,800. However, painters charge different amounts of money based on the average prices in their area, the size of the room being painted and several other factors. The best way to find out what a painter charges is to contact them directly for a quote.

The amount of time that a painter spends prepping can add to the final bill. If a homeowner wants to save money on these costs, they can try to prep the room before the painter arrives. Prepping involves moving large furniture out of the room, covering the remaining furniture with a drop cloth, removing or taping trim work, and removing light switch plates.

Other factors that affect the final cost include the quality of paint used and the amount of primer needed. For example, if a room needs a lot of primer because the walls are dirty or because the room was previously painted in a darker color, the homeowner should anticipate a relatively higher final cost.