How Much Does New York State Disability Insurance Pay?


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As of 2015, New York State disability insurance pays one-half of the employee's average weekly wage up to $170 for 26 weeks within a 52-week period, states New York State Insurance Fund. Employers can voluntarily pay enriched disability benefits of up to five times the amount over the same period.

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For example, an employee entitled to receive a disability payment of $170 a week receives $510 if the employer chooses to pay enriched benefits of three times the statutory amount. The employee receives $850 if the employer chooses to pay five times the amount, notes New York Insurance Fund. Disability cash benefits are paid weekly starting on the eighth day of disability. The payments partially replace wages an employee has lost because of an injury or sickness unrelated to employment. Employees, not employers, are responsible for paying their own medical care costs.

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