How Much Do I Need to Make a Year to Afford a $240,000 Home?

Buyers who follow a traditional path to home ownership typically need to make at least $50,000 a year to comfortably finance the purchase of a $240,000 home. According to SFGate, the traditional down payment on a home is 20 percent, or $48,000 on a $240,000 home, which leaves a maximum of $192,000 remaining to be financed without resorting to mortgage insurance.

Assuming $192,000 in financing on a 30-year repayment plan, at 5 percent interest, the final payoff amount for the home is likely to be just under $470,000, according to figures obtained from This translates to a monthly payment of approximately $1,300 for the full 30 years.

Before issuing a home loan, lenders almost always assess the borrower's financial health. Apart from the credit check and financial history, lenders typically insist on establishing a minimum income threshold to ensure the borrower's ability to make timely loan payments. This ratio is known as the front-end ratio, according to A conventional home loan assumes a front-end ratio of no more than 33 percent. This means that in order to qualify the borrower must earn three times the projected monthly payment. A $1,300 monthly payment, therefore, establishes $3,900 a month as the minimum acceptable income. Assuming standard extra expenses for home ownership, this works out to just under $50,000 per year.