How Much Do Musicians Get Paid?

much-musicians-paid Credit: Wolfgang Lienbacher/Vetta/Getty Images

The median pay for musicians and singers was $23.50 per hour as of 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest-paid musicians of 2013 made tens of millions of dollars with a combination of touring, album sales and merchandise. Musicians include instrumentalists and singers across a wide range of disciplines.

There were more than 167,000 musicians who earned money in 2012. The occupation should increase by around five percent through 2022, or an increase of 8,700 jobs. The job of a musician is defined as someone who plays instruments or sings in front of live audiences and in a studio. The Labor Department states there are no educational requirements.

The highest-paid musicians in 2013 included some of the biggest names in the industry, according to Billboard. Taylor Swift made nearly $39.7 million in 2013. In the same time period, Kenny Chesney earned nearly $33 million. Justin Timberlake came in third with nearly $31.5 million.

Forbes compiled a list of the richest musicians in 2013 as well. The top earner was Madonna with $125 million. Her tour grossed $305 million worldwide. Second was Lady Gaga with $80 million after a tour that grossed $160 million even though it was cut short due to her hip injury.