How Much Money Should You Contribute to Your 401(k)?


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Workers should contribute at least enough money to their 401(k)s to receive maximum matching benefits from their companies. If they can afford it, employees should contribute the maximum allowable portion.

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Employees should start 401(k) contributions as soon as possible. One guideline is for 35-year-olds to have 401(k) balances equal to their current salaries. For 45-year-olds, the amount should be three times their salaries. It grows to five times as much for 55-year-olds and eight times as much for 67-year-olds. Basically, a 35-year-old who makes $50,000 a year should have a $50,000 401(k) balance.

Annual contribution limits restrict how much a worker can invest in his 401(k). These amounts change depending on inflation.

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