How Much Money Is Scrooge McDuck Worth?


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Scrooge McDuck is worth approximately $5.4 trillion dollars, according to LiveScience.com. This number was arrived at based on the height of the money vault, the estimation of how full of money it is, and the current value of gold.

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How Much Money Is Scrooge McDuck Worth?
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The creator of Scrooge McDuck, Carl Banks, describes Scrooge’s money vault as 12 stories high, and Banks’ successor Dona Rosa detailed it to be 127 feet tall, and 120 feet wide. With a diving board a few stories above the gold coins, LiveScience assumes that the vault is half full. Estimating a little space between the gold coins, that makes about 171,450 cubic feet of actual gold. That volume translates to 3,302,088,419 ounces, and at the current market price, its total worth is $5.4 trillion. While Ask.com won’t condone the dangerous practice of diving into a pit of metal coins, no matter how much, we hope we can all one day experience the joy of doing snow angels in a fraction of the fortune that Scrooge McDuck has.

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