How Much Money Do Radio Hosts Make?

On average, as of 2014, radio hosts make $40,242. Those working in higher-paying industries, such as sports broadcasting, earn more than $90,000 a year.

As of 2014, the median salary for radio hosts was $40,242. This is the wage at which half the workers earn more and the other half earn less. At the lower end of the scale, those working as radio disc jockeys earn around $19,537 a year. According to 2014 data from Payscale, most radio hosts earn between $23,551 and $86,208 per year.

The title radio host covers a wide range of different broadcast journalism professions. Typical disc jockeys (DJs) select music to play and interact with their listeners. In contrast, a talk show host debates with listeners and discusses topics of interest with experts on their shows. There are also niche areas, such as sports commentators who cover live games.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job prospects for radio hosts may dwindle in the future, due to advancing technologies that allow shows to employ fewer people. While there was once a time when radio hosts had to work around the clock, some stations cover their shows at night with pre-recorded material. Presently, most radio hosts work on a part-time basis.