How Much Money Does a Pit Crew Member Make?

Jon Feingersh/stone/Getty Images

According to, a two-year contract with a base salary of approximately $110,473 is not unheard of for a pit crew member. Extras, such as a share of prize money and a company car, might also be included.

However, not all crew members make that much. For example, an Aug. 12, 2009, article posted on The Nascar Insiders website states that a shop employee might only make about $800 a week. A lot depends on the importance of the crew member’s position, the size of the team, the number of roles the member can fill and the series in which the team is racing.

As is the case with any number of businesses, there are certain positions that are extremely well compensated. For example, the same Insiders article has cup level crew chiefs earning upwards of $500,000 a year in base salary alone, while NASCAR crew members at the lower levels may earn little more than $300 a week. Clearly, earnings can vary widely depending on any number of factors.