How Much Money Do Orthodontists Make Each Year?


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Orthodontists in the United States earn, on average, just over $196,000 annually; the lowest 10 percent make approximately $85,000 and the highest earners exceed $200,000 each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With orthodontists, like most professions, salary varies depending on skill level and geographical location. Just over 5,500 licensed orthodontists work in the United States; a high demand and relatively low abundance of practitioners keeps median salaries high.

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Orthodontists work in several locations: some operate their own businesses, while others find employment in dental offices, physicians' offices and outpatient healthcare centers. Dental offices employ the largest number of orthodontists - just over 5,300 - and offer the highest salaries. Orthodontists working for dentists might receive up to $196,270 annually. Professional healthcare offices employ the second highest number of orthodontists, giving just over 80 orthodontists jobs annually. These orthodontists earn just over $192,000 on average, regardless of location. Only about 30 out of over 5,500 orthodontists in the United States work in physicians' offices. However, these professionals earn more than their peers, averaging annual incomes around $232,000.

States with the highest number of employed orthodontists include Illinois, Texas, California, Massachusetts and Florida. Orthodontists working in Texas and California earn more each year - over $200,000, on average - than professionals working in other states. Although it offers the highest number of jobs, Illinois ranks lowest in wages among the top five states, offering annual salaries around $130,000.

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