How Much Money Does a Motocross Racer Make?

The amount of money a Motocross racer makes depends on the number of races won; although racers are paid weekly, they also make bonuses for each race that they win or for placing in a race. For example, 2014 AMA Supercross racers took home a typical weekly purse of $104,865, which included bonuses for races over 17 weeks and added up to around $1.7 million for the year.

Not all divisions pay as well as Motocross. The AMA 250 East/West, which is not a champion series and is split into regional support classes, has fewer races. There are usually only nine races in the AMA 250 East/West, compared to Supercross' 17. A rider who wins nine rounds in the series makes $2,500 per win.