How Much Money Does an MMA Fighter Make?

The top-level fighters of mixed martial arts can make about $4.5 million per fight. An entry-level fighter makes about $6,000 per fight, while the average MMA fighter is paid approximately $12,000 per fight.

Athletes today are highly envied due to the perception that being an athlete is synonymous with earning a large salary. Although large salaries do exist in the sporting world, not all athletes are handsomely paid for the entertainment they provide the public. Remuneration in the mixed martial art discipline is complicated when compared to other disciplines. The athletes are not paid on a regular basis, but are paid according to the number of fights in which they participate. The average fighter makes only $18,000 per fight, and it is difficult to book more than three fights per year. However, the renowned fighters make millions of dollars per fight and often have lucrative contract endorsements from advertising companies.